DAT Resident Scholars

DAT Resident Scholars

Dar Al-Taqwa is pleased to introduce the community to our highly qualified, fulltime scholars who are available to help and guide our community.

Shaikh Walid – Joined Dar Al-Taqwa in 2018 and has served as a full time Quran DIrector and a Resident Scholar. Born and raised in Al Azhar, Egypt, he became a hafiz at the young age of 10 years old. He obtained his Alyyat Al Qerrat Certificate, Specialist in Qerrat Certificate, and Masters Degree in Education from Al Azhar University. He then continued to obtain a Masters Degree from Al Mansoura University in Education and Administration before obtaining another Masters Degree from the Islamic University of Minnesota. He served as a professor and educator in Al Azhar for more than 17 years.

Feel free to reach him at SheikhWalid@taqwa.net

Sheikh Aamir – Joined the Dar Al-Taqwa team on September 1, 2021. Shaikh Aamir currently serves as the Director of Religious Services at DAT. He oversees its various educational and spiritual programs and is critical in helping engage the community both inside and outside of the premises.

Shaikh Aamir previously served as the Imam of the Islamic Society of Annapolis, Makkah Learning Center and Masjid Alansar. He oversaw a weekend school, evening school, homeschool and hifz program, and various online learning programs. The Shaykh helped establish MDFID, the Maryland Foundation for Islamic Development, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving a citizen’s spiritual connection to God. He has participated in interfaith work through the Anne Arundel Muslim Council, ACT (a branch of the Industrial Areas Foundation), and GAIN (Greater Annapolis Interfaith Network). He has been a scholar, religious teacher, and spiritual guide in the Islamic field for over a decade in the Maryland area, and has authored multiple works.

Shaikh Aamir completed his Ifta (Mufti course – Specialization in Islamic Law) from Darul Uloom Chicago (Shariah Board) under the supervision of Mufti AbdulSattar Patel and Mufti NawalRahman (May Allah Taala preserve them) after his bachelors in Islamic Studies. Shaikh Aamir also has a Masters Degree in Education from Drexel University and a doctorate and has travelled to many places in the world for traditional study including Jordan, Morocco, and Syria.  He has received numerous ijaazaat (licenses) in various fields of Islamic Sciences including Hadith and Fiqh.

Feel free to reach him at SheikhAamir@taqwa.net