| March 25, 2018

Masjid has gone through a major renovation. Come and see all of the improvements

Dar Al Taqwa leadership has made major improvements in the masjid within the past 90 days.  The entire building has renovated some of the improvements are listed below:

  • Musallah have been painted including the Asma-ul Husna tiles, columns have been painted to mimic Marble.
  • Newly painted Classrooms have multimedia, TV monitors, and internet.
  • All broken doors have been replaces.
  • All inside and outside lights have been repaired and fully functional.
  • Multipurpose Hall in the basement has been remodeled and two monetized 10’ projector screens and new projectors have been installed.  All of the chairs/Tables are now stored in the closet.
  • Media Room upstairs has been remodeled and a library has been built.  A monetized 15’ projector screen and new projector have been installed.
  • Conference Room has been painted.
  • All new landscaping with new mulch.
  • 3 - 40 yard dumpster full of trashed has been removed.

Prayer Schedule

FAJIR 5:43 6:15
DUHR 1:14 13:30
ASR 16:43 17:00
MAGHRIB 19:25 19:25
ISHA 20:40 21:00
Prayer & Iqamah Time Policy Prayer Calendar

Jummah Prayers

March 30, 2018
1st DAT12:45pm1:15PM
2nd DAT2:00pm2:30pm