| October 23, 2017

Event Details

General Assembly Meeting


30 Sep 2017 - 3:00PM - 4:45PM


Multi Purpose Hall


An Assembly meeting shall be held twice each fiscal year at the DAT facility. The first meeting shall be held on 3rd weekend in May and the 2nd meeting shall be held on a last weekend in September with elections.  The notice of the Assembly meeting shall be emailed to all paid members and published on DAT website at least thirty days prior to the date of the meeting.  Each member shall be responsible for informing DAT promptly of any change of his/her email address.  The following topics shall be addressed in these meetings:

1.      Up to date report prepared by the Resident Advisor. 

  1. Up to date report of established committees (Education, Zakat, etc.) about their plans and achievements, and how members can participate and fill these committees’ openings whenever available.
  2. Up to date financial report (Income Statement & Balance Sheet) by the Treasurer.
  3. Report by the President
  4. Election for all five seats of the BOD in September meeting.
  5. Any other pertinent business, with the permission of the President of BOD.
  6. The minutes of all Assembly meetings shall be taken and maintained by the General Secretary, and published on DAT’s bulletin board and website within seven days of the meetings.

Prayer Schedule

FAJIR 6:13 6:30
DUHR 12:51 13:30
ASR 15:54 16:15
MAGHRIB 18:20 18:20
ISHA 19:34 20:00
Prayer & Iqamah Time Policy Prayer Calendar

Jummah Prayers

October 27, 2017
1st DAT12:45pm1:15PM
2nd DAT2:00pm2:30pm